Our mission is to elect leaders who understand that the economic health of Washington requires key investments in transportation, access to housing for all income levels, and a stable regional jobs-to- housing balance that creates sustainable communities.


There are solutions to the high cost of living and restrictive business climate in Washington. By investing in critical transportation infrastructure, increasing the availability and accessibility of housing options, supporting innovation and entrepreneurism, and promoting job creation, Washington’s economy can thrive and improve the lives of residents and the climate for small business.


REGION (Responsible Economic Growth In Our Neighborhoods) PAC was established in 2018 primarily to address the health of our state’s economy.
Over the last several years, new laws and policies have been enacted, but they fail to recognize the interconnectivity of the issues facing our state. Traffic, housing availability, public safety, business sustainability, jobs to-housing ratios, community resources, the environment, and quality of life are all linked and electing people who understand and respect that connectivity is in the best interest of all Washingtonians.

Businesses and individuals in increasingly diverse industries have joined in support of REGION PAC, strengthening our coalition with their acknowledgement of a shared stake in electing candidates with holistic understanding of the importance of a strong economy, safe communities, improved infrastructure and ample housing supply.

Repercussions of the last legislative session will burden us for years to come. Without state races on the ballot this year, we need to do all we can to combat potentially dire consequences of state legislation at the local level. We have all seen bad policy bleed from one jurisdiction or sector to another. REGION PAC exists to help all Washingtonians reclaim our communities and demand
elected officials resolve the persisting housing crisis, increasing crime rates and crippling business climate that impede improved outcomes for all.